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Music Critics

Uncle Ray Cordeiro
“The prime requisite in any art form, and especially gospel, is individuality. Here in Hong Kong I found it in the Chung Brothers, Henry and Roger. On listening to their latest production of The Chimes, it's a near cry to their gospel brothers in Harlem, and it was my sincere great pleasure and pride to "world premiere" this CD on my late night show. My fans in Hong Kong and cities around the world, as Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, to name a few, will also be proud of this gospel production. You don't have to believe me... just listen to this CD and share my pride of our local talents.”

Fung Lai Chi
“The Chimes is musically colorful, superbly skilled, and radiates a sense of maturity. It’s a production all Hong Kong people can be proud of.”

Wong Chi Chung
“Hip and closely related to everyday life but hasn’t lost the traditional musical beauty. These songs breathe life to the soul and drive away despair. The Chung Brothers and the cream of local musical talents have concocted a treat of HK-styled Gospel Blues as well as an inspiration spiritual journey for all.”


Yao Lee
“I’m very honored to have heard the precious The Chimes album by the Chung Brothers. It’s most rare that they have a heart that is grateful to God. They have used the utmost dedication, skills, and time to complete their promise to God. I seriously like this production which consists of so many different styles of music. The compositions, lyrics, instrumentations and arrangements are innovative and elegant, not to mention the background vocals that have touched me deeply. Finally, I am truly awed by the vocalist Mr. Roger Chung whose talents and skills are unmatched. His vocals are clear and resonating with a touch of tenderness, which makes it easy to strike a chord with others. I hope you will like this album as much as I do.”

Teddy Robin Kwan
“Jesus! Haven’t heard a gospel production with such ‘heart’ in a long, long time!”

Lowell Lo
“I hear the ambition of the Chung Brothers – to bring musical elements from different parts of the world into local art and culture. But of course, this requires much talent, creativity and knowledge. The Chimes is a major education for the local music industry. It’s Hong Kong’s own good fortune!”

Gospel Artists

Peter Kam
“In The Chimes, you can hear colorful music and heartfelt interpretations from the singers and musicians. But most importantly, you will feel the passionate effort devoted by the Chung Brothers to serve God. The Chimes will surely melt your heart!”

Vivien Yung
“Wow! A gigantic and unimaginable musical banquet and an overflow of creativity! I’m truly amazed to witness such wonderful fusion of world music and Cantonese gospel hymns. While listening to the superb skills and outstanding musicality, you can feel the artists’ loyalty to God and earnestness to the truth. I truly pray that God will greatly use the Chung Brothers’ talents, who will no doubt open a new territory for contemporary Christian music that is both pleasing to the ear and reflective to the heart.”

C Pak
“A rare musical summit. An exceptional production lineup. A piece of passionate work!”

Dorcas & Lois Kwok
“Creative, Refreshing and Inspiring!! A rare collaboration of so many great musicians for a gospel album recorded in Hong Kong. Definitely an album produced with heart!”


Rev. Li Ping Kwong
“I highly recommend The Chimes gospel album, a debut effort from the Chung Brothers with rich contents and formidable results. You can easily find the Chung Brothers’ love of God, humanity and care for the society in both their music and lyrics, which can be considered to exceed professional standards. I hope that churches in HK can invite the brothers to lead and participate in their worships so that they can be greatly used by God.”

Rev. Lo Lung Kwong
“The Chimes is not only the creation of the Chung Brothers, but is also a living testimony of God’s grace! Through God’s gifts, Henry & Roger can both serve God in their music ministry outside of their daytime capacity as lawyer and public health researcher, respectively. I hope what you hear is not only the music of the Chung Brothers, but also the wonderful sounds generated from the Lord’s grace and gospel, so that you will follow the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Prof. Joseph Sung
“Using simple melodies and clear voicings to bring out the picturesque view of ‘still waters, green pastures’…THAT is the music of the Chung Brothers.”

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