The Album

The Chimes is a groundbreaking canto-gospel album in Hong Kong. Together with top international and local music talents, the Chung Brothers 「have concocted a treat of HK-styled Gospel Blues as well as an inspirational spiritual journey for all,」 as music critic Wong Chi Chung precisely put it.

From R&B, Jazz, Bossa Nova, American Gospel, Spirituals, Blues to Folk, Flamenco, Latin Folk, Reggae, Cantopop, Rock, Hymn and even Hip-Hop, the music in this album is world! All songs are written by the Chung Brothers. Roger is the lead vocal, and Henry's blues harmonica is also featured in several tracks.

Music is a gift from heaven, and everyone deserves it. We'd wish to dedicate the best sounds to the Lord, and share them with all Christians and non-Christians alike.

Let's listen to the Chimes together!

Available at CD stores and Christian bookstores

All proceeds will be donated for charity purposes

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